CAPServices is a collection of Webservices APIs for Bioinformatics from Computational Approches to Protein Sciences (CAPS) group in National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS). This has many APIs that can be accessed from any machine independant of the programming language and system platform These APIs are dedicated for complete in-silico analysis of protein sequence and structure data based on various strategies. Currently CAPServices provides tools for 10 in-silico analysis categories. This provides programmatic interface to both in-house and widely accepted programs from major bioinformatics groups also. This API collection will help the user to carry out analysis in an easy way on a large set of data. Webinterfaces (GUIs) can be accessed here
Complete List of Services          Webinterfaces (GUIs) can be accessed here
  1. ALISTAT - Simple Alignment Statistics
  2. AlphaDist - C-Alpha-Distance
  3. Atm2Seq - Converts PDB format file into a PIR formatted sequence file
  4. CAPSBlast - Sequence search against databases from CAPS
  5. CAPSEcal - Various energy calculations
  6. CAPSHMMER - Biological sequence analysis using profile hidden Markov models against databases from CAPS
  7. CAPSPHIBlast - Pattern-hit Initiated BLAST search against databases from CAPS
  8. CAPSPSIBlast - Position-Speicific Iterative BLAST search against databases from CAPS
  9. CDHit - Cluster Database at High Identity with Tolerance tool
  10. CoilCheck - Predicts existence and location of potential coiled-coil domains in proteins
  11. Conserve - Identifies conserved regions in sequence
  12. DDMatrix - Generate Distance Matrix Plot for two PDBs
  13. DISOPRED - Protein Disorder Prediction
  14. FMALIGN - Multiple alignment of protein sequences
  15. GenThreader - Fold Recognition
  16. GlobPlot - Intrinsic Protein Disorder, Domain & Globularity Prediction
  17. IMOT - Identifying conserved spatially interacting regions across proteins
  18. Joy - A set of tools for protein sequence-structure representation and analysis
  19. Joy-HBOND - Tool to locate possible hydrogen bonds in a protein structure
  20. Joy-SSTRUC - Tool for identifying torsions and secondary structure for a protein
  22. Modeller - Models three-dimensional structures of proteins and their assemblies by satisfaction of spatial restraints
  23. Modip - Modelling of Disulphide bonds in proteins
  24. MOTIFS - Identify Motifs from a set of sequence or alignment
  25. MOTIFS Homologous - Identifies Motifs on a sequence using homologous
  26. Mview - Alignment visualization tool
  27. PepCoil - Predict coiled coil regions in protein sequences
  28. Phylip-Consense - Consensus tree program from Phylip
  29. Phylip-Kitsch - Fitch: Margoliash and Least Squares Methods with Evolutionary Clock
  30. Phylip-Neighbor - Neighbor: Joining and UPGMA methods
  31. Phylip-Proml - Protein Maximum Likelihood program
  32. Phylip-Promlk - Protein maximum likelihood program with molecular clock
  33. Phylip-Protdist - Program to compute distance matrix from protein sequences
  34. Phylip-Protpars - Protein Sequence Parsimony Method
  35. Phylip-Seqboot - a general bootstrapping and data set translation tool
  36. Poeas - Plant Ontology Enrichment Analysis Server
  37. Predict CoiledCoil - Predicting coiled-coil from sequence input
  38. PS-SCAN - Search multiple protein sequences for functional amino acid patterns
  39. PSIPRED - protein secondary structure prediction
  40. PURE - Prediction of Unassigned REgions
  41. RaxML - Randomized Axelerated Maximum Likelihood
  42. SeqConverter - Sequence file format converter
  43. SeqPlot - Consensus sequence analysis - plotting program based on various amino acid indices
  44. SeqReport - provides extensive sequence analysis results
  45. Super - Calculate RMS Deviation between 2 structures
  46. Tmap - Predict and plot transmembrane segments in protein sequences